Brown Bag Lunches For Adults

There is always a lot of talk, and controversy, about school lunches. ┬áThere is far less talk about lunches for adults. I don’t know why people seem to avoid this topic, nor do I understand why some people feel embarrassed about bringing a lunch to work. There appears to be a stigma attached to the concept of brown bag lunches for adults. Why? It can save you a lot of money, and you have control over what you are eating.

Most lunches from a fast food place cost between $5-$10 on average. At $5 per day, 20 working days per month, that is $1200.00 a year.If you pay closer to $10 for lunch, you are looking at double that amount.

Bringing a sandwich and some fruit from home is quick and easy. Make your sandwich the night before, or in the morning before you leave for work.

Other options:

  • hardboiled eggs, peeled and cut carrots, snap peas
  • crackers and cheese, fruit
  • cottage cheese, fruit

If you have a microwave at work:

  • leftovers
  • soup
  • chili
  • frozen entrees

If you have a toaster oven at work:

  • grilled sandwiches
  • pita bread or english muffin with pizza sauce, favourite pizza topping and cheese
  • hot open top sandwiches

There are lots of things you can take for lunch that will save you money, and will probably have far less fat and calories than going out every day.

What do you take for lunch??

2 responses to “Brown Bag Lunches For Adults

  1. Lots of great ideas here for brown bag lunches. I got so sick of buying lunches, that I’ve brown bagged it for quite a while now and am always looking for new ideas.

    I encouraged other people at work to brown bag it and we sit around the table and have a good gab rather than all going our separate ways at lunch.

    Keep up the great work!

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