I haven’t been here much lately

I have been neglecting my website lately, and normally I might feel guilty about that, but I have recently adopted two lovely little guys. I adopted both of them from Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue.

One, just before Christmas, was originally called Ace by his foster mom. My husband renamed him Norman:


Isn’t he a lovely fellow? He was seven months old when I got him, and he is now nine months. He’s a tuxedo cat, and he has a heart shape on his chest, with a diamond just below it…almost looks like he is wearing a tie:)

My husband thought Norman must be feeling lonely (he came from a house with  a full grown cat and two other foster kittens- one of whom was his brother, Blackjack. Blackjack wasn’t up for adoption yet.), so I contacted Cat’s Cradle and they put me in touch with another foster Mom.

This lovely little guy was called Longneck by his foster Mom, because he is incredibly curious and he stretches out his neck at the slightest sound. Her family called him Ben, and so do I. My husband wants to call him Leroy, and my daughter is plumping for Maverick. Poor little guy must be confused.


He was nine months old, and is now nearly eleven months. He’s a lovely grey tabby, and very hyper. I think he almost wore Norman out (Norman is very laid-back for a kitten), with his constant stalking of him, pouncing on him, and biting. Norman has begun to give back as good as he gets, and also to hold Ben down and wash his head quite forcibly.

Normand and Ben

They seem to be getting along much better lately, however, they are wearing ME out. I’m old, and keeping up with two lively, inquisitive kittens is tiring:)


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