Le Creuset Cookware

I have two sets of pots and pans. One of stainless steel, and one of enamel coated

cast iron, Le Creuset.

The first items of Le Creuset cookware that I owned were a wedding gift 37 years ago. One was a pot and the other a casserole, both in the flame orange colour. Both fascinated me because of 101 year warranty they carried. As I understand, each one is slightly unique…having been individually sand cast.

  • Product: Le Creuset Cookware
  • Price: starts at about $100
  • Where to buy: Le Creuset
  • Warranty: 101 years
  • My rating: 4.5 out of 5

I no longer have those first two pieces…I gave them away a couple of years ago, when I got a set in blue that included a Dutch Oven, a couple of pots and a frying pan. These are excellent quality, heavy cookware that can stand up to a lot. Because they are iron, they retain heat well and distribute it evenly, and because they are enamelled, they do not need to be seasoned.


As with any cookware, don’t let them burn dry…I once managed to cause the copper bottom to separate from a stainless steel pot by forgetting it on the stove. If you put it in the oven (they are excellent for starting things on the stove and moving them to the oven), it’s a good idea to wrap the knob on the lid with aluminum foil beforehand. The enamel makes them fairly easy to clean…I would not recommend using any harsh abrasives on it.

I highly recommend Le Creuset cookware, as it has given me many years of satisfaction.

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