Why meals in a hurry?

Why did I decide to start a website with quick meals for people who are in a hurry? Why am I blogging about food?


I’ve thought about this for a few years, and every time I decide there are already a lot of sites to help with this, I meet someone or read about someone who just cannot seem to manage it.

I keep meeting people, and working with people, who have no idea of how to feed themselves.  I worked with a woman who would go home and have popcorn for her supper…she looked like a walking skeleton. She didn’t know how to cook, and thought it would be too hard. Well, it’s not. Basic cooking is very simple, and it can save a lot of money.  In the weeks ahead, I hope to share tips, techniques and recipes that will help people who haven’t much time to make lunch or dinner, but don’t want to eat fast food. I hope people will give me feedback and share their insights and tips. Eating is a very pleasurable experience…or should be:)

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